Milestones and Stressors

Another milestone for one of my boys today – Ryan opened his bedroom door all by himself! Great that he is able to do that but NOT great – now he can get out on his own! I bought some of those safety knobs but don’t know where I put them; I’ll have to track them down!

Ryan is obsessed with this song called “Pool Party” by The Aquabats. He makes us play it over and over and over on the iPod or on his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I finally figured out that he is trying to learn the song and the moves that the lead sing makes when he sings it! He kicks his legs and jumps around, points his finger and bends down at just the right time…he also uses anything he can find as a microphone and sings along with him. He throws his head back and sings, “Yeah yeah yeah Yeaaaaaaah!” at the end – SO cute. But when the guy says “Thanks for coming!” at the end Ryan often says, “You’re welc!” instead which is “You’re welcome!” He amazes me every day. He has learned all sorts of new words and is really smart! Today his flash cards were spread around on the floor and he looked at the card that said “Hi” on it and pointed and said “Hi! Hi!” THEN I said, “Ryan, which card says ‘Nose’?” and he picked out that card!! He was able to pick out Ball and Clap too; I couldn’t believe it. He is not even 2 years old yet and he can read a bit! I guess all my work with those flash cards really did help. I hope it helps him love to read and not to struggle when he gets older.

Tristan is doing really well too. No new milestones today, but I swear he is trying to crawl! My boys just don’t like to sit still! He likes to stand and sit up too, with help of course. He is a strong little guy, just like Ryan! And he is SO adorable. He “goos” and “coos” and has started blowing raspberries too – I guess that is kind of a milestone. And he has gotten really interested in his arms and legs – he is noticing that he has control over them and is trying to exercise that. It is very cool to watch your kids grow up – I LOVE being a mother!!

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My sweet baby Tristan, just 3 1/2 months old, has already started rolling over! He did it for the first time on 5/19/2012 and has been rocking and rolling ever since. And just to clarify, this is from his back to his tummy. He started rolling over from his tummy to his back at just around 2 months, which I thought was amazing, but this is incredible! Typically babies roll over around 5 months, not 3 1/2! I was a little worried at first since he is still so little. And sometimes he rolls over in his crib and ends up face-first in the side of the crib (we took the bumpers out, of course!). But they say if he can do it then he is ready. Wow. He is growing up so fast!!

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Changes Every Day Now!

I am amazed every day at how much Ryan has grown up. Today in particular I was noticing how many new words and phrases he has picked up. Maybe it is because I’ve been back to work and haven’t been home as much so I haven’t seen him. But today I sneezed and he said, “Bessa!” (translation: Bless you!). Later, he came up to me with an empty drawer from the little dresser where we keep diapers and baby clothes. He asked, “Aw gone?” I was in the kitchen doing dishes and just started talking to him about it. I said, “Yes they are all gone, but there is a new package in the living room. If you want you can go get them and fill the drawer back up.” I never would have thought that he understood what I said. I just know how important it is to just talk to your kids and explain stuff to them (Chuck and I are against baby talk – we just talk to our kids like normal!), but apparently he did understand me because he did exactly what I said. He went into the living room, found the package of diapers and piled them into the drawer! I was totally amazed!!! THEN, we were watching his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. He likes to strap on his toy Gibson Guitar when he is watching the Super Music Friend’s Show and imitate the guitarists on the show which is SO cute. He will sway back and forth and pretend to play and sing, “Coo! Poo! Coo! Poo!” (translation: “It’s so cool in my pool! It’s so cool in my pool!” from the Aquabats song “Pool Party”). He also tries to do the dance steps during the dance numbers. He has me rewind over and over as he tries to figure out the moves and has actually picked up a few and has excellent timing. This child is not even two years old yet but he is so perceptive and coordinated and smart – I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Tristan is doing great as well. There is not as much to write about him because he is still so little – not even 3 months old yet. And he is the easiest baby – a true dream! So sweet and good natured, and just a total doll. We are so blessed. He started rolling over from his stomach to his back over a month ago, although he won’t do it every day for some reason. But right now he is in that place where he is desparate to roll over from his back to his stomach. I will find him in the crib all bent and twisted backward and to the side with his head wrenched around as he struggles to do it. It makes me nervous, but I know it is an important milestone, though I feel it is a little early for that yet! Ryan was early with everything too though. Otherwise, he coos and smiles and giggles like crazy – my little sweetie pie!

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Has it been that long?

I know my sister posted some pics of Tristan when he was born but besides that it has been 8 months since I posted! WOW.

Not only have I had another child (another beautiful, amazing baby boy!), but Ryan has grown up so much. He amazes me every day. He talks so much has now. Still mostly 1-2 words at a time, but he uses inflection, he understands what I say to him/ask him, sings, dances…is just a total trip. A couple of examples:

About a month ago I had to put him in time-out because he was being unsafe, climbing into Tristan’s crib. So he was standing in the corner and I leaned down to explain to him why he was there. “You need to listen to mommy,” I said. “Climbing into the crib is unsafe and you or the baby could get hurt.” He looked up at me with those big blue eyes, so innocent. Then he reached up and grabbed my nose and said, “Honk!” It was all I could do not to double over laughing it was so funny. But if you laugh at something like that, at a time like that, then they’ve got you – it’s all over. But it was the funniest thing I think I’ve ever experienced.

Another example: Chuck saw Ryan go over and throw something into the trash can a few days ago. Who know what you can lose now that he can do that so he went to check and see what it was. Turned out to be a baby wipe, which Ryan loves to play with by talking them all out of the box and throwing them around the room or stuffing them down behind the crib. Anyway – Chuck went to see what he was doing and here was the scene: Tickle Me Elmo was strategically placed to hide the wipes box which he knows he is not allowed to play with. Tickle Me Cookie Monster is lying on his little table. Then Ryan reaches in and grabs a baby wipe, wipes Cookie Monster’s butt, and then runs over and throws the wipe in the trash can. How amazing is that? He is such an amazing kid!!

Tristan is growing up so fast too. He is 3 1/2 months old now and can already roll over from his stomach (he has actually been doing that since about 2 months). He holds his head up with out trouble and is the easiest going, most smiley baby I’ve ever seen. He only cries when he is REALLY tired or hungry. Otherwise he barely cries at all. And he is the happiest ever just to be with you – such a little cuddle bug. I can’t remember much about how it was with Ryan at this age. I think we were dealing with the acid reflux stuff and struggling by now. I’m so thankful that Tristan doesn’t have to deal with that.

We are so blessed I can’t believe it. I love being a mom more than anything in the world!

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Little Prince

Samuel Tristan

Samuel Tristan by Neen

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He’s Here!

Samuel Tristan

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WOW! Big Steps for a Little Guy!

How amazing is this? We have been sitting Ryan on the potty – not pushing the issue, just letting him get used to it. Yesterday I had him on the potty and he seemed confused that he had his clothes on so today I suggested to Chuck that we take off his diaper and let him try it out. We made a big fuss and praised him for sitting on the potty. He clapped and gave us high fives and was laughing up a storm (as much as he could – he still has no voice!). And when Chuck picked him up to go put a fresh diaper on him…HE HAD PEED IN THE POTTY! He isn’t even 14 months old yet! Okay, he will be in 4 days, but still! I know it was probably beginners luck or a fluke, but I still├é┬áthink he is the most amazing little boy!

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Changes, Changes

It has been a few months. Ryan’s first birthday came and went; he is now almost 14 months old!

For his birthday we took him to Chuckie Cheese – it was a little beyond him, but we wanted to do something special since it was just the 3 of us. I think he enjoyed it; he ate pizza and rode the kid-type rides. He got lots of wonderful gifts from his family – he is a very blessed and loved child!

Since the last post Ryan has cut 2 new teeth in the front on top (around July 30th). They are still coming in but I think he likes the feeling of them because he pretends to be chewing a lot.

He still does things every day that amaze me. A few days ago he was playing by his activity table which is right next to his play pen, and the small tunnel where Zoie, our cat, moves to and from her food & litter box. It was blocked by a big blue ball and she was standing there meowing at Ryan because she couldn’t get out. Ryan looked at her for a moment and then walked over and moved the big ball! I was amazed! That is very good problem-solving and means-end behavior for a 1-year old! To think that he not only understood the problem but knew he could do something about it. He is incredible!

He has been very sick lately. He caught adenovirus from someone at his school and, of course, had trouble fighting it because of his asthma. Even with all of our intervention it still turned in to pneumonia. He lost his voice too and we haven’t heard his sweet laugh (or heartbreaking cry!) in about 2 weeks. He is on the tail-end of his antibiotics so I am hoping he will get better soon; I just want this precious child to be well!

Nothing else new to report regarding Ryan. He is still growing and changing and learning. He likes to climb the stairs while standing (you have to hold both of his arms though), and is learning how to push himself around on his little lion scooter. He is learning sign language too, which is actually very helpful and amazing. He knows the signs for eat, drink, more and baby! It is really cool to be feeding him something and for him to sign for more. Or for him to tell me he is hungry! Especially right now because he hasn’t been eating much since he has been sick. He has lost almost a pound despite my efforts to get him to eat. I even let him eat ice cream for breakfast the other morning and he didn’t even want that! But I think that is picking up again. Unfortunately, we had almost completely weaned him (he was only getting a bottle at bedtime), but now he is back to bottles, since he needed the nutrition. So we will have to fight that battle again! Oh well, even with the struggles, motherhood is a complete joy!

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An Amazing Little Boy

Ryan is almost 1 – just one week away! He is walking up a storm and (baby) talking like crazy. He likes to pretend to talk on the phone. If you are talking on the phone he’ll grab whatever is close by – a toy, a remote control, a ball – and put it up to his ear and “talk” into it. SO cute!

Today he did something that really amazed me. I was going through some of his flashcards with him; when I got to the one that said “arms up” on it he looked at the card and put his arms up! I didn’t say the words (he has been able to do that if you say the words for a while); he looked at or “read” the card! I was shocked. Later when I showed him the card that said “dog” he said, “Daa!” Again, I didn’t say the word – he looked at the card and tried to say it himself! His vocabulary mostly consists of the words “Mum,” “Dada,” “Up,” “Done” and “Hi” though he often tries others as well. He’ll be out with a mouthful any day now!

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I’m Walking!!

Ryan is full out walking now. He is so amazing – not even 11 months old yet!

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