An Amazing Little Boy

Ryan is almost 1 – just one week away! He is walking up a storm and (baby) talking like crazy. He likes to pretend to talk on the phone. If you are talking on the phone he’ll grab whatever is close by – a toy, a remote control, a ball – and put it up to his ear and “talk” into it. SO cute!

Today he did something that really amazed me. I was going through some of his flashcards with him; when I got to the one that said “arms up” on it he looked at the card and put his arms up! I didn’t say the words (he has been able to do that if you say the words for a while); he looked at or “read” the card! I was shocked. Later when I showed him the card that said “dog” he said, “Daa!” Again, I didn’t say the word – he looked at the card and tried to say it himself! His vocabulary mostly consists of the words “Mum,” “Dada,” “Up,” “Done” and “Hi” though he often tries others as well. He’ll be out with a mouthful any day now!

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