Changes, Changes

It has been a few months. Ryan’s first birthday came and went; he is now almost 14 months old!

For his birthday we took him to Chuckie Cheese – it was a little beyond him, but we wanted to do something special since it was just the 3 of us. I think he enjoyed it; he ate pizza and rode the kid-type rides. He got lots of wonderful gifts from his family – he is a very blessed and loved child!

Since the last post Ryan has cut 2 new teeth in the front on top (around July 30th). They are still coming in but I think he likes the feeling of them because he pretends to be chewing a lot.

He still does things every day that amaze me. A few days ago he was playing by his activity table which is right next to his play pen, and the small tunnel where Zoie, our cat, moves to and from her food & litter box. It was blocked by a big blue ball and she was standing there meowing at Ryan because she couldn’t get out. Ryan looked at her for a moment and then walked over and moved the big ball! I was amazed! That is very good problem-solving and means-end behavior for a 1-year old! To think that he not only understood the problem but knew he could do something about it. He is incredible!

He has been very sick lately. He caught adenovirus from someone at his school and, of course, had trouble fighting it because of his asthma. Even with all of our intervention it still turned in to pneumonia. He lost his voice too and we haven’t heard his sweet laugh (or heartbreaking cry!) in about 2 weeks. He is on the tail-end of his antibiotics so I am hoping he will get better soon; I just want this precious child to be well!

Nothing else new to report regarding Ryan. He is still growing and changing and learning. He likes to climb the stairs while standing (you have to hold both of his arms though), and is learning how to push himself around on his little lion scooter. He is learning sign language too, which is actually very helpful and amazing. He knows the signs for eat, drink, more and baby! It is really cool to be feeding him something and for him to sign for more. Or for him to tell me he is hungry! Especially right now because he hasn’t been eating much since he has been sick. He has lost almost a pound despite my efforts to get him to eat. I even let him eat ice cream for breakfast the other morning and he didn’t even want that! But I think that is picking up again. Unfortunately, we had almost completely weaned him (he was only getting a bottle at bedtime), but now he is back to bottles, since he needed the nutrition. So we will have to fight that battle again! Oh well, even with the struggles, motherhood is a complete joy!

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