WOW! Big Steps for a Little Guy!

How amazing is this? We have been sitting Ryan on the potty – not pushing the issue, just letting him get used to it. Yesterday I had him on the potty and he seemed confused that he had his clothes on so today I suggested to Chuck that we take off his diaper and let him try it out. We made a big fuss and praised him for sitting on the potty. He clapped and gave us high fives and was laughing up a storm (as much as he could – he still has no voice!). And when Chuck picked him up to go put a fresh diaper on him…HE HAD PEED IN THE POTTY! He isn’t even 14 months old yet! Okay, he will be in 4 days, but still! I know it was probably beginners luck or a fluke, but I still├é┬áthink he is the most amazing little boy!

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