Milestones and Stressors

Another milestone for one of my boys today – Ryan opened his bedroom door all by himself! Great that he is able to do that but NOT great – now he can get out on his own! I bought some of those safety knobs but don’t know where I put them; I’ll have to track them down!

Ryan is obsessed with this song called “Pool Party” by The Aquabats. He makes us play it over and over and over on the iPod or on his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I finally figured out that he is trying to learn the song and the moves that the lead sing makes when he sings it! He kicks his legs and jumps around, points his finger and bends down at just the right time…he also uses anything he can find as a microphone and sings along with him. He throws his head back and sings, “Yeah yeah yeah Yeaaaaaaah!” at the end – SO cute. But when the guy says “Thanks for coming!” at the end Ryan often says, “You’re welc!” instead which is “You’re welcome!” He amazes me every day. He has learned all sorts of new words and is really smart! Today his flash cards were spread around on the floor and he looked at the card that said “Hi” on it and pointed and said “Hi! Hi!” THEN I said, “Ryan, which card says ‘Nose’?” and he picked out that card!! He was able to pick out Ball and Clap too; I couldn’t believe it. He is not even 2 years old yet and he can read a bit! I guess all my work with those flash cards really did help. I hope it helps him love to read and not to struggle when he gets older.

Tristan is doing really well too. No new milestones today, but I swear he is trying to crawl! My boys just don’t like to sit still! He likes to stand and sit up too, with help of course. He is a strong little guy, just like Ryan! And he is SO adorable. He “goos” and “coos” and has started blowing raspberries too – I guess that is kind of a milestone. And he has gotten really interested in his arms and legs – he is noticing that he has control over them and is trying to exercise that. It is very cool to watch your kids grow up – I LOVE being a mother!!

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