Two Weeks Already?!

Mommy and Ryan, Two weeks old!

Oh how the time flies! I cannot believe Ryan is two weeks old already! We went to the doctor yesterday and he has gained back all of his weight and then some, which is great! My little one appears to have some acid reflux problems though, which have been making for some long evenings of inconsolable screaming. I get to change up my diet to try to help with it – have to cut out the dairy for a while – and they gave him something for his tummy, so hopefully we’ll get it under control and he won’t be in such pain (which is excruciating for any mother to listen to when there isn’t anything she can do to help him!). But we are moving forward I think!

Its funny – everyone tells you that you have no idea what you are in for when you have a baby. SUCH an understatement! I love him so much, but I cannot help sometimes finding comfort in reminding myself that this is just a phase and things will get easier eventually (sleepless nights, troubles with breastfeeding, pumping, tummy problems, etc., etc.)!

A few pictures of the precious one…

Sweet Little Angel!


First outing with Mommy and Daddy - Going to the Mall!

First outing with mommy and daddy - going to the mall!

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