Shots! :(

Ryan got his first round of immunizations on Friday. What a dilemma as a parent – you have to cause your child pain in order to protect him!  He handled it better than I did – a few tears and then he didn’t feel well for a couple of days, but I cried!  And I’ll admit – I was really worried. Even though I’m a professional in the field and know the research findings on the importance of immunizations and the limited risks, when it is your child it is a totally different ball game. But we got through it with nothing more than a little fussiness.

Ryan’s personality comes out more and more each day. Yesterday while I was feeding him he wriggled his leg out from under my arm and propped his foot up in the crook of my elbow to get comfortable. it was the cutest thing!

Grandma Betty Rae has been here visiting this week as well, which is wonderful.  We have had many adventures out with the baby -  I’ve been out more this week than I have since he was born!! And we celebrated his daddy’s birthday as well. Lots of fun!!

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