Hard Decisions

It is amazing how ever single day Ryan seems to change in some way. I can’t believe how physically strong he is already! He has pretty much mastered real crawling now – not just the belly creep/scoot (although he is amazing fast with that!). The other day I left him to play and watch his Baby Einstein and turned my head for a second (Its amazing how many times I say that!). When I looked back, Ryan was over by the stairs with his hands on the second step and his right leg up on the first one. This was about a week ago – again, he is not even seven months old yet – and he is trying to climb the stairs!!! Up goes the gate.

We are trying to decide now what we should do to help Ryan sleep through the night, and in his own bed. The Co-sleeper worked well for awhile but as you can imagine, now that he can stand it isn’t safe. Plus, he prefers to sleep curled up in my arms, so he just crawls out of it when he wakes up and cuddles up in my arms. Which, by the way, is the most wonderful, amazing thing in the whole wide world…to have your little angel crawl into your arms and fall asleep! But it doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep for me. Besides my arm falling asleep, I’m too worried about hurting him to sleep very deeply. Not that I’m a deep sleeper anyway. I think Ryan is that way too, because it seems that no matter how deeply asleep he seems he wakes up at the slightest movement. Actually, he only does that when he is not in my arms. When he is sleeping with me, he sleeps fine!

So what to do? Let him “cry it out” in his room? So many of my friends tell me that is really the fastest and easiest way to handle it, but it feels so against my natural instincts to hear (and see) him suffer like that on the monitor. Plus, with all the standing in the crib, it makes me a little nervous.

I don’t know…any suggestions? I don’t think anyone actually reads this blog, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

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