Always growing

Today Ryan took a series of 5 (!) steps all on his own! He is going to be running in now time! He turns 11 months old next week – I can’t believe it! And already he knows so much. Every day he amazes me!

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First Steps!

Ryan took his first steps yesterday (5/15/2011)! Two very small steps, but all on his own! And today when watching his learning videos, he started responding to the people on the TV! When the boy said, “Shake your head ‘No’,” Ryan shook his head! And when another boy put his arms up in the air, Ryan did too! I can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

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Little Monkey

Ryan’s new thing is that he likes to climb on everything. Two days ago I looked over at the play pen and noticed that he looked tallker than usual. When I looked closer I realized that he had a football propped up against the wall and was standing – with both feet – on top of it! I couldn’t decide whether I should take a picture or catch him before he fell! He didn’t fall and stepped down before I could take a picture, but he does that stuff all the time. He was trying to get out today and I watched him roll a soccar ball over to the edge and try to stand on that! Not the best choice, but you have to admire his means-end behavior and drive! He stands on his play table, on the puzzle box on me…whatever he can climb on he will. And he climbs the stairs with ease now too! And yes, he is only 9 months old!!

In other news another tooth broke through today or yesterday so now Ryan has his two front bottom teeth!

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Flying High

We took Ryan to Manhattan Beach, California last week. We didn’t have much free time to explore since I was there for a conference, but we got to walk on the beach (Ryan slept through his first trip to the Pacific Ocean), visit the beautiful church where my parents were married, and see my parents and their dear friends, Carl & Jo. It was a nice trip, though stressful with an almost toddler like Ryan who is into everything now. The plane trip there was pretty challenging, though we worked hard to be patient and relaxed through the stress. We changed planes in Houston – the first plane was a little puddle hopper that they apparently didn’t think needed air conditioning. On both flights Ryan was awake the entire time. Literally, when the pilot said, “We are beginning our final decent into Los Angeles…” Ryan finally passed out asleep. Luckily on the way back he slept almost the whole time. It’s been rough getting adjusted to our time zone again though.

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First Tooth!

Ryan cut his first tooth today! We had noticed a little white bump on the lower left front side for a few days now, but it finally broke through today. And he’s got another one coming in too. And he has been walking up a storm with his little lion walker (check out the photo below)! WOW – they grow up so fast!

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Spring as sprung!

It is beautiful here now with the trees blooming, the sun shining and the temperature warming up. It was actually a pleasure to mow the lawn yesterday!

Ryan, as usual is absolutely amazing. He had been sick again, which was stressful. Apparently he had viral pneumonia with illness induced asthma on top of it, so he was struggling to breathe which hindered his ability to get well. Grandma came in town to help out, which was an absolute God-send. He healed (hopefully for good!) and is back to his fun-loving, playful, silly self, which we hadn’t seen in a while since he was feeling so lousy.

A couple of new things – he has been mobile for a while, crawling all over the place. But about 2 weeks ago he started walking behind and pushing the kitchen stool around. I didn’t set him up to do this – I was just doing the dishes one day and heard the scooting sound. I turned around and there he was – maneuvering all over the kitchen (see photo above)!! SO amazing.

So grandma and I went to this AWESOME consignment sale and she spoiled us rotten with tons of fun toys for Ryan, which included 2 walkers. One is an adorable lion that transfers into a little scooter and is more heavy duty. The other is a light-weight walker for him to walk behind. I thought for sure he wouldn’t be ready for that one for a while because it moves really fast (the kitchen stool has traction on the bottom feet so is slower). But he mastered it in 1 day! He is SO cute pushing those little walkers around; he even knows how to turn corners!

In addition to this, he also continues to eat well and express his opinion about what he likes and doesn’t like. When he doesn’t like something he will make the funniest faces! He also likes to purse his lips together and turn his head away from you. But yesterday I noticed something brand new! Several times during the day I noticed him shaking his head from side to side when he was sitting and playing alone. I thought he was trying to keep the beat with music from a toy or something but then music wasn’t always playing. Then, while I was feeding him he shook his head and wouldn’t take a bite. I waited a minute and tried again, but he ate that time! This happened several times, but then finally (and firmly) he shook his head. It dawned on me…he is saying, “NO!” So I nodded to him and said, “Yes!” and he looked at me quizzically and shook his head, “NO!” I nodded, “Yes!” and he shook, “No!” I couldn’t believe it! What an amazing revelation for your child to be able to communicate with you for the first real time! Now he has really gotten it down; while having a bottle this morning he popped it out of his mouth and rolled over. I picked it up and said, “Do you want any more?” and he shook his head, “No!”

What an amazing 8 month old child!!

(Check out our new pics on flickr!)

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*Big Sigh*

As some of you might know, Ryan has been battling pneumonia. Last week was VERY scary. We rushed him to the doctor on Tuesday with a 104 degree fever and they ran all sorts of tests. They finally determined he had pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics, but even then it took a while for him to stabilize. That was Tuesday – it wasn’t until Saturday that we finally broke his temperature spikes for good – up until then it was up and down, up and down…it was like being in a raging sea. We came up for air and took a deep breath when his temp was down and then would get pulled back under and ravaged by the waves and undertow when it spiked again. The poor little angel – he would just lie there in my arms and look up at me, which he never does, he is such an active child! It was the biggest relief to see him like himself again today. He still has the yucky runny nose, but otherwise his energy and appetite have returned and he was happy and playful again. Thank you God! I was so, so scared!!

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Ryan’s First Valentine’s Day!

Check out pictures of Ryan and his Valentine’s Day lion on Flickr!

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New Pics

Here are a couple of new photos from this past month.

  1. The Packers Won the Super Bowl!!
  2. The 3 of us on our 4th anniversary
  3. Ryan on his first day of preschool
  4. 7 Months old!
  5. Look at me stand!

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Big Changes

Ryan started going to school 2 days a week at the beginning of February. I was devastated at first that I had to put my child in day care, but the reality is, it is really great for him! Of course he came home the first week with a wicked cold (after having picked up a stomach bug first) and he is STILL recovering from all that. But he is doing really well! He has made some friends, he is learning new skills, he gets to play outside and go for buggy rides…it is great! We expected a really difficult transition, but it really hasn’t been. He smiles and goes to his teachers easily and just sits down to play when I drop him off. And when I pick him up he isn’t mad or upset like I thought he would be… He is just happy to see me! I’m so happy to have found a good place for him!

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