Getting cuter every day!

Ryan is just about ready to start turning over. And he is just too cute! I’ve posted some new photos on Flickr (see link in the photos page). Log in to see them all!

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Growing up too fast!

Ryan is 14 weeks today – I can’t believe it! He is such a happy little boy. He smiles and laughs and coos and squeals with delight all day long! He is also really attentive and interested in everything now. And we really have to watch him – he is moving around like crazy! Time to baby proof the house!

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I’m 3 Months Old!

Three months old already! How times continues to fly! Ryan is growing so fast and changing every day. He can grasp ad hold his head up really well. He loves to stand and he talks up a storm. When he is really upset he even cries out, “Ma Ma!!!” I don’t know if you knows what he is saying but it is amazing to me that he does this at 3 months! Most nights he sleeps through for 8-10 hours, although last night, just for a change he decided to get up every 2. We truly didn’t know how good we had it…I hope it isn’t a new trend!!

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Hooray for Football Season!

So glad football season has started!

Ryan and I are all geared up to root for our beloved Green Bay Packers!

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Just when you think you’ve seen the cutest thing ever…

One of the most wonderful things about being a mom is all of the amazingly adorable things I get to see on a daily basis. Whether it is sweet smiles, coos or silly facial expressions, Ryan is a daily wonder! But just when I think I’ve seen the cutest thing ever, he does something new. For example, just recently he has started giggling in his sleep! He will just be lying there in my arms or next to me in the co-sleeper and a big smile will break out on his face and he will just start giggling like crazy! It is truly the cutest thing I have ever seen! (So far…)

Did I mention how adorable his sneezes and yawns are too???

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A better day!

Today Ryan had a much better day (much thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law!). With a sigh of relief we are getting back on schedule and feeling much better!

Today we put Ryan up in front of a mirror and he was SO cute! He just watched himself very curiously and kept smiling at himself. The cutest thing ever.

It is amazing how much he grows and changes almost every day. His little personality is really beginning to come out, and now he reaches for me and grabs on to and holds my fingers while he is nursing or sleeping. He is just so amazing, I cannot believe how blessed we are!!

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Shots! :(

Ryan got his first round of immunizations on Friday. What a dilemma as a parent – you have to cause your child pain in order to protect him!  He handled it better than I did – a few tears and then he didn’t feel well for a couple of days, but I cried!  And I’ll admit – I was really worried. Even though I’m a professional in the field and know the research findings on the importance of immunizations and the limited risks, when it is your child it is a totally different ball game. But we got through it with nothing more than a little fussiness.

Ryan’s personality comes out more and more each day. Yesterday while I was feeding him he wriggled his leg out from under my arm and propped his foot up in the crook of my elbow to get comfortable. it was the cutest thing!

Grandma Betty Rae has been here visiting this week as well, which is wonderful.  We have had many adventures out with the baby -  I’ve been out more this week than I have since he was born!! And we celebrated his daddy’s birthday as well. Lots of fun!!

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I’m 2 Months Old!

How time flies! Ryan is 2 months old already. He is doing wonderfully and is even sleeping 6-8 hours a night already! He can hold his head up really well and laughs and coos at his silly mommy. He loves to hang out in daddy’s arms and just chill. we practice rolling over and spend lots of time on our tummy to get stronger. He also loves to stand up and bounce on his feet – so strong! We love our sweet little angel!

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All on my own!

Today I took Ryan out on the town all by myself – I was so proud! Of course it was raining cats and dogs.  I had planned to go to the store, to Buy Buy Baby and then to get a bite to eat, but by the time I was leaving Buy Buy Baby the rain was so bad, I decided to just drive on home. But I was so proud of myself for handling it all on my own.  Ryan, of course was an angel. He hardly woke up the entire time.  And it was really good to get out of the house. Tomorrow we plan to take him out again. Chuck is off so we are going to try to make a day of it!

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today is Ryan’s 1-month birthday! I cannot believe it has been a month already. Some things are wonderful – every time I see his sweet face, especially when he first wakes up, I feel this amazing rush of love and joy. But some things are seriously challenging. Ryan has Acid Reflux Disorder (like his mommy) and it causes him a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes he just cries and cries and there is nothing I can do but hold him and try to comfort him through it.  Today I finally put him in his car seat and he passed out asleep for about 3 hours straight, finally! I think it is the angle that helps, since he is sitting up partially. Luckily Chuck ran into our pediatrician at work yesterday and told him we were still struggling, so he prescribed us something different for him. Hopefully it will work for him! That is, if we can ever get a full dose in him without him spitting half of it out!  Happy birthday, Ryan!

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