Days Like This

Today was daddy’s first day back to work so mommy got to fly solo for the first time. Ryan was definitely up for the challenge and he kept me on my toes all day.  Unlike his typical pattern of eating, playing and napping, he was awake almost all day.  He would finally fall asleep about 20-30 minutes before his next feeding, and then abruptly awake right on cue demanding to be fed. And I don’t think he was feeling well at all.  He had to be held constantly all day or he would scream at the top of his lungs.  I distinctly remember the doctor saying, while she was stitching me up right after Ryan was born, “Boy he has some lungs. I’d hate to be at their house at 2 in the morning!” She was not kidding – Ryan can pierce your eardrums!  But it is painful for me only to know that he is so upset and/or unhappy and there is little I can do to help except hold him.  Which of course I don’t mind, but it makes it challenging to accomplish anything else during the day (or to get any sleep)!  Oh well. I made it through the first day on my own – it has got to get easier as I go, right?

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I’m 3 Weeks Old!

Three weeks old already! I love to snuggle up with my mom or my dad. Mommy sings to me and daddy reads to me!  I smile and laugh a lot too! I’ve also been out on the town with mommy and daddy – yesterday we ate at the Cheesecake Factory! I slept through the whole thing, but I know mommy and daddy were happy to have negotiated our first restaurant meal successfully (maybe next time I’ll make it harder on them!). Of course I threw a fit in the car on the way home so they had to pull over so mom could feed me in the parking lot.  We went grocery shopping and to the doctor today too.  I’m nine pounds now and really healthy! I had to say goodbye to my Nana yesterday though.  She took such good care of my mom, dad and me for the last month – I miss her rocking me to sleep already!  I hope Nana and Poppie come back to visit again really soon!

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Two Weeks Already?!

Mommy and Ryan, Two weeks old!

Oh how the time flies! I cannot believe Ryan is two weeks old already! We went to the doctor yesterday and he has gained back all of his weight and then some, which is great! My little one appears to have some acid reflux problems though, which have been making for some long evenings of inconsolable screaming. I get to change up my diet to try to help with it – have to cut out the dairy for a while – and they gave him something for his tummy, so hopefully we’ll get it under control and he won’t be in such pain (which is excruciating for any mother to listen to when there isn’t anything she can do to help him!). But we are moving forward I think!

Its funny – everyone tells you that you have no idea what you are in for when you have a baby. SUCH an understatement! I love him so much, but I cannot help sometimes finding comfort in reminding myself that this is just a phase and things will get easier eventually (sleepless nights, troubles with breastfeeding, pumping, tummy problems, etc., etc.)!

A few pictures of the precious one…

Sweet Little Angel!


First outing with Mommy and Daddy - Going to the Mall!

First outing with mommy and daddy - going to the mall!

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One Week Later…

I can’t believe it has been a week now. How time flies when you aren’t getting any sleep and feel completely overwhelmed! Motherhood is truly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and yet the most beautiful and exhilarating. Our little baby boy is the most amazing little miracle – we are so blessed! And he is the cutest little angel I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t gotten everything down pat yet. Breastfeeding continues to be a challenge, but every day we get a little better at it. I think Ryan is having a little growth spurt at the moment – he seems to want to eat all the time!  I hear that is normal though. But I hope it passes!

I’ve uploaded some new photos for friends and family – Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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Baby Kaz Sleeps Like a, er, Baby!

Baby Kaz, June 27, 2010

Baby Kaz, snapped by Neen, June 27, 2010.

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One day to go!

It is the day before I am scheduled to be induced.  Baby Kaz will be making his debut in the next few days!  To say that I am anxious and stressed is an understatement. The unknown is very scary, especially when my precious little baby is involved!  Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery would be much appreciated!

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